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Zest up your summer with some lemon cupcakes

  • By Emily Inglis
  • Published 09/14/2012

Cupcakes seem to be all the rage these days, and rightly so! Due to their diminutive size it’s easy to control your portion size and, most importantly, their delicious! But with so many delicious varieties around, what cupcake recipe should you plump for? As it’s the summertime, why not choose a deliciously zesty lemon cupcake to spruce up your summer.

There are plenty of delicious cupcake recipe ideas out there on the World Wide Web, it’s just a case of finding the one that you think looks the most delicious! Mary Berry, otherwise known as the Queen of Baking, as you would imagine, has a pretty perfect method for producing the most zesty lemon cupcakes around – but then again, that’s probably what you’d expect from someone with a name like that!

But don’t think you have to stick to one recipe, or one method of baking if you’ve just started out. The beginning of your baking career is all about making mistakes, having things turning out badly and then one day – BOOM – it all comes right.

Take time to search the web for the recipe and method that makes most sense to you and then get stuck in to making your perfect (or maybe not so perfect) lemon cupcakes.

Good luck!

About the Author : Emily Inglis is writing about a cupcake recipe.



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