Zoho vs. Microsoft Office

Just about everyone who owns a computer is very likely familiar with Microsoft Office. It’s a productivity suite, designed to make your work easier.

Microsoft Office has several programs, which are bundled together. These include:

Word. This is one of the premiere word processing programs around. Everyone has likely received a .doc file in his or her email from time to time. With Word, you can create professional looking documents in a snap. According to the Microsoft Office Website, you can spend less time formatting your document, and more time writing it. You have many available options with Word, such as converting your word document to a PDF file.

Excel. This is an excellent spreadsheet program, which allows you to effectively share your financial and numerical data readily.

Access. This is the database solution. Access allows you to track, report, and share your information with those who need it.

PowerPoint is a program that helps you to create effective and professional presentations.

Publisher. This program will allow you to make brochures, signs, banners, and cards that look like they were made at a professional print shop.

Outlook is the communications program and email browser. With Outlook, you can keep your emails from all sources in one place, as well as your schedule and address book

Zoho does many of these things and does it online. Click here: Zoho.com to check it out.

Zoho gives you a word processing program, called Zoho Writer. With this versatile program, you can create and share documents, import and export them, and post to a blog from the program.

Need to create a spreadsheet? Try Zoho Sheet. Here you can create, edit, and access your spreadsheet from anywhere. You can even import and export Excel spreadsheets.

You can use Zoho Show to create powerful and accessible presentations that you can easily share with your co-workers, and colleagues. Like Publisher, you have built in themes, clip art, and shapes to give your presentation some zing. Since it is online, you can give your presentation around the globe without having to go through airport security.

Zoho Mail is comparable to Outlook. You don’t need to download a program, it’s web-based. You get many of the same features you can find with Microsoft Outlook. You can sort your email into folders and labels, you can personalize your email address any way you would like. (Within reason) There are no ads like many of the web-based email browsers available. If you get many large files emailed to you, there is plenty of space for storage. The spam protection algorithms are top notch. There is also a Mobile version of Zoho mail which will work on Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Nokia Smartphones.

Not all you will find on Zoho is free. Writer, Sheet, Show, and Chat are free for personal use, as is the Zoho Mail. Zoho charges monthly fees for some other products.

If you are happy with Microsoft Office, don’t change. It has long been a workhorse for many people, and businesses. If you do not have Office, and need productivity options, you may want to consider checking Zoho out.


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